SmartWater CSI on SALE now!


Who is SmartWater CSI?

SmartWater is an international crime fighting and crime prevention company with an established track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. They have created a wide range of crime reduction programs utilizing their cutting-edge proprietary traceable liquid products. These products have been highly successful in reducing theft. They work extensively with law enforcement locally and internationally to implement our crime deterrence strategies.

What is SmartWater and How Does it Work?

SmartWater is a liquid you can’t see, feel or smell. It is only detectable when a special light shines on the SmartWater liquid.  Once law enforcement detect the telltale yellow glow, they use a “specific DNA” to trace stolen items and return them to the registered owner with SmartWater CSI.


 This liquid is a water-based inorganic traceable liquid containing a unique forensic code which is registered to its owner. The smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater on stolen assets can be forensically analyzed and linked back directly to the owner of that asset. Once applied, it lasts for a minimum of 5 years without re-application even when used exposed to the outdoor elements. It can be applied to tractors, stationary equipment, irrigation pipe and sprinklers, electronics, hand tools, power tools, office equipment, jewelry and much more.
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What Does This Mean for YOU, Our Members?

Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau is partnering with Yuba and Sutter County Sheriff Departments to assist and provide our community with SmartWater to help protect our assets from theft. Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau members will be able to purchase SmartWater at a discount! 



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