Yuba and Sutter Counties


The following information was used by permission from the Yuba and Sutter County Ag Commissioners’ Annual Crop Reports. We thank them for the privilege to use this information, as well as for the work they perform daily to help protect our farming families and the communities that surround our agricultural lands.


Sutter County

The gross value of Sutter County agricultural production for 2019 was $698,680,000. This is an increase of $89,622,000 or 14.7% above the 2018 total value.


Rice remains the top-ranking crop in 2019 with a 22.3% increase in acreage. A slight decrease in yield was offset by an increase in price pushing the total value to $214,145,000. In second place, walnuts total value increased 48.4% to $127,526,000 due to an increase in yield and price. Prunes rose one spot to third with increases in acreage, yield and price to a total value of $62,691,000. Rising to fourth from sixth, processing tomatoes had a 33.6% increase in acreage and slight increase in price to a total value of $51,666,000. Clingstone peaches fell from third place to fifth due to decreases in acreage and yield to a total value of $49,984,000. In sixth, nursery products total value fell to $41,102,000 due to a 38.3 % decrease in quantity sold. Almonds held seventh place with slight decrease in acreage with increases in yield and price to a total value of $39,866,000.


Yuba County

The gross value of Yuba County’s agricultural production for 2019 is $234,534,000, down approximately 3% from the 2018 value estimate of $242,012,000. The decrease in value can be attributed to the significant decrease in prune prices and yield. In addition, the reduction of timber production contributed to the decline of the gross value. The overall value of Yuba County’s agricultural production has remained strong despite the fluctuation in value in multiple leading crops.


Lower prices for many crops continue to pose significant challenges for producers. The rank of the counties top three crops remained the same in 2019 despite fluctuations in price or yield. Rice remained Yuba County’s top crop generating nearly $60 million in gross value. At $54 million, walnuts remained second in rank despite a slight increase in value. Although prune yield and prices substantially lowered in 2019, the value of the commodity remained within the top three at $25.5 million.


The contribution of agriculture to the economy of Yuba County is not totally reflected in the values contained in this report. Processing, transporting, marketing and other farm related services directly or indirectly tied to agriculture, benefited appreciably. According to a recent study conducted by Agricultural Impact Associates, Yuba County’s agricultural industry can be estimated to have returned an additional 62.5% of the gross agriculture value for an estimated total value of $381,117,750 in 2019.


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