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Yuba and Sutter Counties


The following information was used by permission from the Yuba and Sutter County Ag Commissioners’ Annual Crop Reports. We thank them for the privilege to use this information, as well as for the work they perform daily to help protect our farming families and the communities that surround our agricultural lands.


Sutter County

The gross value of Sutter County agricultural production for 2022 was $568,883,000. This is a decrease of $52,483,000 or 8.4% from the 2021 total value.

Rice remains the top-ranking crop in 2022 driven by a 54% increase in price. A 32% decrease in acreage offset much of the price gains as the total value rose to $182,593,000, an overall increase of 4.7% from 2021. Rising to second, processing tomatoes increased in acreage, price and yield to a total value of $89,621,000. Cling Peaches remained in third as an increase in price offset decrease in acreage and yield to a total value of $48,425,000. Dried prune products rose to fourth wit
h a total value of $47,518,000 despite a decrease in price. Dropping from second to fifth place, walnuts total value decreased 64.1% to $43,529,000 due to moderate decreases in harvested acreage, yield, and a 61.1% decrease in price.

Yuba County

The gross value of Yuba County’s agricultural production for 2022 is $246,441,480 down approximately 9% from the 2021 value estimate of $278,607,580. The decrease in value can be attributed to the decrease in commodity prices for walnuts alone. However, kiwi, prunes, livestock, and almonds also decreased in value due to increases in yield and price. Peaches, timber, and rice increased in value due to increases in yield and price. The overall value of Yuba County’s agricultural production remains strong with this year’s values only decreasing 9% in a year of unprecedented drought and low prices for walnuts. 

Fluctuating commodity prices and adverse weather conditions continue to pose significant challenges for producers in the long run. Rice remained Yuba County's top crop generating $113 million in gross value. At $28 million, Prune/Dried Plum climbed to second in rank. Livestock-All takes over third place at $22 million. Walnuts drop to number four at $21 million amid historically low crop values from the previous year.

According to a recent study conducted by Agricultural Impact Associates, Yuba County’s agricultural industry can be estimated to have returned an additional 62.5% of the gross agriculture value for an estimated total value of $400,467,405 in 2022. Agriculture accounts for 1 out of every 11 jobs in Yuba County.

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