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The following information was used by permission from the Yuba and Sutter County Ag Commissioners’ Annual Crop Reports. We thank them for the privilege to use this information, as well as for the work they perform daily to help protect our farming families and the communities that surround our agricultural lands.



One of California's original 27 counties, Yuba County is California’s gateway to the historic Mother Lode Country, with a diverse landscape that boasts grand rivers, thriving farmland, friendly communities and numerous recreational possibilities that extend into the Sierra foothills. With a population just over 70,000 people, residents enjoy relaxed living and affordable housing within the incorporated areas of Marysville and Wheatland. Other communities in the valley floor include Olivehurst, Linda, Plumas Lake and Beale Air Force Base. In the foothills you will find Loma Rica, Browns Valley, Arboga, Hammonton and other quaint communities.


The 2013 Crop Report for Yuba County reported the gross value of Yuba County’s agricultural production at $234,927,000 led by walnuts, rice and prunes. Approximately 278,943 acres, or 68 percent of the total county area, are comprised of agricultural croplands and pasture.


The contribution of agriculture to the economy of Yuba County is not totally reflected in crop values. Processing, transporting, marketing and other farm related services directly or indirectly tied to agriculture benefitted appreciably as the agriculture industry returned over $925,000,000 to the local economy in 2013, or about $2.5 million a day.



According to 2013 population estimates, Sutter County is home to approximately 95,851 people, making it the 37th largest of California's 58 counties. There are two incorporated cities, Yuba City with a population of 65,841, and Live Oak with 8,341 residents. The remaining residents live within the small communities of Tierra Buena, Meridian, Rio Oso, Trowbridge, Sutter, Pleasant Grove, Nicolaus, East Nicolaus, Robbins, or reside in the vast rural, agricultural areas which make up Sutter County.


According to the 2013 Sutter County Crop Report, the gross agricultural production value totaled $599,292,000 with rice, walnuts, dried plums (prunes), peaches (processing), nursery products, and tomatoes (processing) as the leading agricultural commodities. Strong demand also drove returns up for almonds, corn (field), and sunflower seed, exceeding $15 million each.  


Agriculture continues to be an integral part of Sutter County’s economic base. Industries such as banking, labor, marketing, transportation, and other services directly or indirectly tied to agriculture benefited appreciably as the agricultural industry returned over $2.44 Billion to our economy in 2013. 


The availability of water, plus long sunny growing seasons, makes both Yuba and Sutter counties outstanding fertile areas for agriculture, and those products are exported throughout the world. Agricultural lands also provide important and significant wildlife habitat within both counties.


Yuba County Crop Report 2018

Sutter County Crop Report 2018

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