The Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition (BYSWQC) was formed through direct action of the Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau (YSFB) in 2004 to provide a local, grass-roots, non-governmental entity specifically for the purpose of assisting local landowners of irrigated, commercial agriculture comply with the state-mandated Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. BYSWQC has a nine member board of trustees - three trustees from each county.  To manage operations required of BYSWQC, three organizations hold contracts to provide those services.  The Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau manages the member database, and is responsible for enrolling members, invoicing, and providing input from BYSWQC.  The outreach and education component of BYSWQC is managed as follows: Butte Co. Farm bureau serves Butte County growers and Sutter County Resource Conservation District serves the Yuba-Sutter Counties.


YSFB felt their role in administering the program was a means of providing a benefit to Farm Bureau members who would otherwise need to work directly with the regulatory agency. BYSWQC is NOT the regulatory agency - the State Water Resources Control Board has the legal authority to develop and mandate a water quality monitoring program for irrigated agriculture. 

  • YSFB helps members understand the regulatory program and to enroll in BYSWQC.

  • YSFB manages the membership database and is responsible for enrolling members, invoicing and providing input, feedback and push back from BYSWQC to the regulators

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