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We are a Grassroots Organization. 
Membership Matters to Us, and We Hope it Matters to You Also!


Working to Protect Family Farms and Ranches.

We are your number-one source for agricultural news,  your advocacy partner, and we work hard to save you money on your everyday business expenses. 


There’s an Old Saying...There is Strength in Numbers!

Farm Bureau members get results through grass-roots involvement that begins at your local county Farm Bureau. With a network of 53 county Farm Bureaus, you become a part of the California Farm Bureau Federation, the largest farm organization representing agriculture at the county, state and federal levels of government.

We believe in the future of agriculture by continuing to take care of our livelihood, our land and our community. Working hard and staying informed has carried us through our challenges and pushed us to grow. As a community full of knowledge, leadership and respect, we will serve our own and the public’s interest to the best of our ability, while continuing to produce and market the products of our soil. Accomplishing our goals is done through hard work, dedication, and supportive relationships from the community. We believe that although we as farmers, ranchers and agriculturalists are part of a smaller population, all of our voices combined as ONE is large and powerful. 

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Business Support Levels

Silver - $1,000 - Includes 1 Business Support Membership and 3 Agricultural Memberships

Gold - $1,500 - Includes 1 Business Support Membership and 5 Agricultural Memberships

Platinum - $2,500 - Includes 1 Business Support Membership and 9 Agricultural Memberships


Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau Membership Application

Check out more BENEFITS you receive with your Farm Bureau Membership

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